♥"believe in Qada and Qadar. Allah has write something beautiful for us."♥

Friday, 8 May 2015


Everyone have a family but there is among we which had no father or mother.
Dream everyone is same namely possessively a happy family and harmony. In life, family member is people that is closest with us. They done many good deeds and are willing to sacrifice for us. We should value service and their sacrifice. We could appreciate merit and their sacrifice by writing words to show love and appreciation towards them.  
For me, family is something that is very precious because nothing can replace the role of the family in this world. That’s a place where I could find a peaceful and everlasting affection.
I really love my family. My family consists of five people they are my father, mother, two brother and younger sister.

As in conclusion we should love our family because without them whom we. Family is important persons in our life. We need to loving between one another. We can point out love by sharing time happy and sorrow with family member. Personal history and our very important family study to make us someone mature and know who ourselves and family.


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